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A vibrant district with a clear idea of ​​the interplay between water, nature and activities.
Slättö will soon start developing Brf Litore - an urban residential area next to the city's pulse and Motala Ström, right in the middle of Inre Hamnen. The project takes advantage of and strengthens the connection to Norrköping's history and the place's unique qualities. A total of 37 condominiums are being built in the sizes of 2-5 rooms and kitchens with areas of 41-150 sqm.

A mix of homes in Inre Hamnen.

Slättö is developing three housing projects in Inre Hamnen with a mix of both condominiums and rental apartments. First out is Brf Litore, which comprises 37 newly produced apartments just a stone's throw away from Motala Ström.

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